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Offering An Array Of Security Services

School Security

Keeping school grounds safe. Protecting our littles ones is no easy task but our guards are trained for these kind of scenarios.

Construction Site Security

Maintaining a safe and working environment is our security guards main duty, keeping sites safe from theft and malicious activity.

Bank Security

Reporting all criminal acts. Carefully observing site for any suspicious activity.

Hospital Security

Hospitals can be a dangerous place but with our security guards on site, we can report and deter the threat.

Mall Security

With our security team on the job, you can enjoy a safe and rewarding shopping experience. Let us focus and worry about security and let you focus on your shopping experience.

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Shelter Security

The shelter is a temporary home and our security guards help you feel the safety of home.

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1312 Hoe Ave, Suite A, Bronx, New York, 10459, USA


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