small construction site high angle view of construction site construction workers working on different levels

Construction Site Security: Eyes built to survey and deter

A construction area is a very sensitive and dangerous area. Sensitive in the sense that if ill-mannered individual were to temper with the construction site, harm could be caused to the site, to the workers and even to the delinquent individual as well. With all of the heavy duty equipment and machinery, there is no surprise why a construction site is seen as a dangerous setting. Any damage caused to the machinery or site can be very costly.

We know what is at stake and our security guards will work diligently to prevent entry by unauthorized personnel, damage to machinery and theft of worker material. This is accomplished by our security guards monitoring and recording persons leaving or entering the construction site. When the construction workers are not on site, our guards will secure all entrances and ensure that they are locked and inaccessable. In addition, they will do occasional rounds around the job site to detect any suspicious acts or any actions detrimental to the site.

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