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Professional, precise, reliable service.
This is the model that we strenuously follow and is what we instill in each and everyone of our employees. An employee is a reflection of his/her employer and our employees will display our diligence and professionalism day in and day out. We work to bring you peace of mind by properly training all of our security guards to effectively respond, react, and report any unlawful acts. read more

Featured Services

There is no limitation to the areas we offer our security service because we understand that one of the keys to success is flexibility and variation. This is an area we strongly believe in and work to ensure that our company maintains this capability.

we provide security service for an array of different businesses and organizations. Our security guards are properly trained and equipped to handle any situation. In addition, to holding all of required and up to date security guard certificates. First-Aid & CPR, 8-hour certification, 16-hour certification, and any other certificate that would be required to effectively work on a specific site.

  • ( 1 )FIRE

  • ( 2 )THEFT

  • ( 3 )VANDALISM

  • ( 4 )LOITERING

  • ( 5 )TRESPASS

  • ( 6 )BURGLARY

  • ( 7 )BODILY HARM

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