"Bringing You Peace Of Mind By Keeping Our Eyes On Your Prized Possessions."

Great Security Service, Great Jobs, Great People. Globosa Security Service was created to protect and secure your property and premises from theft and vandalism, including protecting your personnel and visitors. Therefore, we provide effective, affordable security guard service for hundreds of industrial, school, office, and construction sites. If you have multiple locations, no need to contract with multiple security companies. We make it easy for you with single point of contact at your service, whenever and wherever you need them. We provide officers with appropriate training and experience to provide access control and monitoring of your sites, and prevent unauthorized access. We will assign a highly experienced dedicated security coordinator at our office that will be your single point of contact to arrange your security anywhere and everywhere in New York. The officers we assign will be licensed, background checked, and experienced to give the best service to you. Please contact us today if you need, loyal, diligent, and hardworking security guards.

Professional, precise, reliable service. This is the model that we strenuously follow and is what we instill in each and everyone of our employees. An employee is a reflection of his/her employer and our employees will display our diligence and professionalism day in and day out. We work to bring you peace of mind by properly training all of our security guards to effectively respond, react, and report any unlawful acts. We also equip our security guards with the tools and attire needed to maintain a strong presence and more importantly document and report any incident. We offer security service for school buildings, construction sites, hotels & motels, hospitals & clinics, office buildings, shopping malls & retail stores, and etc. We are open minded to servicing areas not mentioned in the previous sentence. Our security guards are well trained and given the details regarding the area they will be assigned beforehand. We are not just taking whatever is thrown at us and throwing our security guards out there. Doing so would endanger the welfare of our security guards and the people or property we are suppose to be guarding. We always take proper precaution and would be out of business or facing lawsuits if we did not.